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About the nourishment of the soul


About the nourishment of the soul

"I am the Bread of Life " (St. John 6:48).

Thus spoke the Lord Jesus to the hungry generation of man. This word was realized throughout the centuries to the numerous followers of Christ who received the Lord as the nourishment of their souls.

A desperate young man who was close to suicide confessed to a spiritual father. The spiritual father listened to him carefully and said to him:

"My son, you are to blame for your misfortune. Your soul is starved to death.

Throughout your entire life, you learned only how to nourish your body but you never thought that the soul requires nourishment; greater and more often than that which the body needs. Your soul is at the point of death from hunger.

My son, partake of and drink Christ [Holy Communion]. Only that can restore your soul from death. Daily and continually partake and drink of Christ. He is the Life-creating Bread of our souls."

The young man listened to the elder and returned to life.

Brethren, let us nourish our soul with Christ so that our soul may be alive and healthy.

- Let us continually nourish our mind with Christ's thoughts so that our mind might be enlightened and clear.
- Let us continually nourish our heart with the love of Christ so that our heart might be full and joyful.
- Let us continually nourish our will with the commandments of Christ and the example of Christ so that our will, every minute, might perform good deeds.
- Let Christ's thoughts be our thoughts and Christ's love our love and Christ's good will our good will.
- Let us continually nourish our souls with Christ the Lord; with our soul let us continually partake of Him and drink Him!

There is no more nourishing Bread than He; there is no sweeter drink than He.

In Holy Communion, He gives Himself completely to us: Body and Blood. But, Holy Communion is a warning that our souls must continually be nourished by Him; continually partake of Him and drink of Him just as we continually breathe.

O, our God and Sweet Lord, stir our souls that they be continually nourished by You and remain alive.

You are our Bread of Life.

To You be glory and thanks always. Amen.

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