Monday, November 26, 2012

HCM 11/25/2012

The Logos of God

The Logos of God is called the door (cf. John 10:9) because He leads to spiritual knowledge those who, in their unsullied pursuit of the ascetic life, have nobly traversed the whole way of the virtues, and because He reveals, as does light, the lustrous treasures of wisdom.

For He Himself is the way, the door, the key and the kingdom.

He is the way, because He guides; He is the key, because He both opens and is opened to those found worthy to receive divine blessings; He is the door, because He gives admittance; He is the kingdom, because He is inherited and because He enters by participation into all things.

St Maximos the Confessor

There is one God

There is one God, because the Father is the begetter of the unique Son and the fount of the Holy Spirit: one without confusion and three without division.

The Father is unoriginate Intellect, the unique essential Begetter of the unique Logos, also unoriginate, and the fount of the unique everlasting life, the Holy Spirit.

There is one God because there is one Divinity, a Unity un-originate, simple, beyond being, without parts and undivided. The same Unity is a Trinity, also unoriginate, simple and so on.

St Maximos the Confessor

Morning Prayer of St Philaret of Moscow

Thanksgiving at the monastery

Monday, November 19, 2012

Teach me to pray

A soul can never ---St Maximos the Confessor

A soul can never attain the knowledge of God unless God Himself in His condescension takes hold of it and raises it up to Himself.

For the human intellect lacks the power to ascend and to participate in divine illumination, unless God Himself draws it up - in so far as this is possible for the human intellect - and illumines it with rays of divine light.

St Maximos the Confessor

St Maximos the Confessor

The Lord’s tomb stands equally either for this world or for the heart of each faithful Christian.

The linen clothes are the inner essences of sensible things together with their qualities of goodness.

The napkin is the simple and homogeneous knowledge of intelligible realities, together with the vision of God, in so far as it is granted.

Through these things the Logos is initially recognized, for without them, any higher apprehension of what He is would be altogether beyond our capacity.

St Maximos the Confessor

HCM 11/18/2012

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