Saturday, September 1, 2012

St. John Chrysostom

'There is nothing colder than a Christian who is not concerned about the salvation of others . . .

Do not say, I cannot help others: for, if you are truly a Christian it is impossible not to.

Natural objects have properties that cannot be denied; the same is true of what I have just said, because it is the nature of a Christian to act in that way. Do not offend God by deception. If you said that the sun cannot shine, you would be committing an offense against God and making a liar of Him.

It is easier for the sinner to shine or give warmth than for a Christian to cease to give light: it is easier for that to happen than for light to become darkness.

Do not say that that is impossible: what is impossible is the contrary . . . If we behave in the correct way, everything else will follow as a natural consequence.

The light of Christians cannot be hidden, a lamp shining so brightly cannot be hidden.'

St. John Chrysostom

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