Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St John of Chrysostom ~~ Do I fear death?

The sea is surging and the waves are high: 
but we have nothing to fear 
because we stand on a rock—the rock of faith.
Let the sea surge with all the power at its command, 
and let the waves rise as high as mountains; 
the  rock on which we stand will remain firm and unshaken. 

Do I fear death? 
No, because on the rock of faith 
I know that death is the gateway to eternal life.

Do I fear exile? 
No, because on the rock of faith I know that I am never alone; 
Christ is always beside me, my friend and my brother. 

Do I fear slander and lies? 
No, because on the rock of faith I know 
that I am always protected by the truth—
Christ who is the truth, is my protector. 

Do I fear poverty? 
No, because on the rock of faith 
God also provides for my needs. 

Do I fear ridicule?
No, because however low I may sink 
in the esteem of those without faith, 
on the rock of faith all are treated with respect. 

Far from fearing the surge of the sea, I enjoy it, because it 
assures me that the rock on which I stand is immovable.

~ St. John Chrysostom

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