Sunday, August 23, 2009



Sunday after the Transfiguration August 23, 2009

Fr Michael beginning the service....
The Icon of Christ on the Analoi
Fr Dimitrios
The Little Entrance
The Little Entrance...Fr Michael
Fr Dimitrios.
During the reading of the gospel........
Let us pray......
Fr. Maximos and Fr Dimitrios at the altar
The procession for the great entrance.
The Great Entrance...
The Great Entrance...
Blessing the Eucharist.
At the altar.
Archimandrite Maximos blessing the people.
Archimandrite Maximos and Fr Michael at the altar
Archimandrite Maximos at the altar...
Archimadrite John and Fr Parthenios with John on the cliros. Fr. Dimitrios in the back... Fr Michael in the front
Fr Dimitrios sermonizing...
Fr Parthenios at the cliros

Dismissal Prayers