Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 30th Veneration of the holy cross (video)

The Lord's Prayer


March 30th Veneration of the Holy Cross

Antonina in the incense cloud
Fr Maximos during the Great Entrance
Great entrance prayer
The Ladies
Fr Maximos censing the parishioners
Fr Parthenios and the Greek chanter
Fr Michael and Fr Maximos at the altar
Fr James (?) visiting for the day
the choir
Antonina meditating
The basket with Roses and the Cross
Fr Maximos censing the Cross
Fr Maximos bringing out the basket of flowers with the cross

Thrice around the table

Fr Michael censing the way
Fr Maximos elevating the cross
Fr Maximos censing the Precious Cross
F0llowed by Fr Michael
the ladies
the roses.... Greek tradition... these are given to the people
Fr Gabriel
Fr James receiving his roses
The priest stand on the step with the cross in his right hand and give the people the Antidoron. The people reverence the cross and receive the Antidoran.
Fr Michael with Mary
Jean and Nancy
the Clerics
The greek gents
Agape meal
Mary's grandson and daughter
Fr Maximos's table