Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pascha -- The Resurrection Service (revised)

Christ in the tomb
In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit......

Beginning the service
View to the back of the church from the front
The parishioners
Taking in the plashchanitsa
Taking the plashchanitsa
Waiting in the dark for the Holy Fire
The Holy fire
Receiving the light
Receiving the paschal light
Fr Michael and the choir exiting the church for the procession
Fr Maximos exiting the church for the procession
And the parishioners follow
Still exiting the church
Heading around for a second time
"Lift your voices unto the Lord!
Fr Parthenios leading us in song
Fr Michael censing the way
Fr John and Fr Maximos leading the procession
In service of the Lord
An honor bestowed....
A proud mommy
In the dark.....
Paschal flowers with flash
An acolyte in training
Fr John shedding more light on the gospel as Fr Maximos is reading
Fr Michael in the glow of candle light
Rdr Christopher
Waiting in the dark
Fr. Maximos reading the Gospel
Fr Michael
Fr John by the glow of candle light
Fr Maximos censing the gospel
Marina, Sergei and his daughter and Mary .... pascha joy
Fr Maximos knocking on the door...."Who is the king of Glory?"
Waiting for the doors to open The paschal worshippers.....
Fr Maximos and Fr John at the altar
Fr Maximos censing the people and exclaiming with joy "Christ is Risen!"
Tired but hanging there
Fr Michael chanting the Litanies (Ektenie)
The Resurrection icon
The Paschal worshippers
A hard working Nicholas
Icon of St John the Baptist
Fr John at the altar
The cross with the Shroud of Christ
Fr John: "Christos Voskrece!"
Fr John censing the church and exclaiming "Christos Anesti!"
Tired Acolytes
Fr Michael censing the people and exclaiming " Christ is Risen!"
Fr Maximos with the Gospel and Fr John with the Icon
Venerating to gospel and the Resurrection icon
Fr Maximos: " And he who comes in the sixth hour.....Rejoice"
Fr Maximos: "And he that cometh in the eleventh hour....Rejoice!"
The stalwart